Initially DTX Design would ask clients to obtain their own web hosting, and allow us access to their server to build and upload their website.

However after many many bad experiences with unreliable web hosts, and lack of back up or point of contact when it was urgently needed, we decided to offer web hosting ourselves which is We have now been web hosting on our own servers for over 3 years and can quite confidently say our webservers are reliable and secure.

Our servers are Dell Dual Xeon processors and have a raid back up system, the servers have the back up of a massive support team 24hrs a day, they are housed in a secure air-conditioned location.

Because we are a design company with our own servers we can offer different levels of services in fact we can offer you the exact deal to match your requirements, which more often than not includes an all inclusive price.

Our firm belief is that you should never have to pay for anything you don't really need, with DTX Host providing the hosting of your site, and DTX Design creating it, the flexibility would be hard to match anywhere.

All* our web hosting packages include

  • FREE web statistics (check site visitors and tracking urls)
  • FREE webmail options (check emails while away from home)
  • FREE & Comprehensive Personal Control Panel
  • FREE FrontPage Extensions
  • FREE search engine submission tools
  • Multiple email capability
  • Varying amounts of disk space and data transfer allocation (depending on account type chosen)

* DTX Mail Only Hosting plan does not have some of the above features.

To sign up for a hosting plan with DTX Host please visit our secure online order form HERE
As with our web design you can be assured of our friendly & professional service at all times, we offer technical advice in a manner in which you can understand. We are available at most times of the day or night, making it convenient to contact us at a time appropriate to suit you.

Our FREE call back policy means that you do not have to incur costly telephone charges for any lengthy communications, as we call you back free of charge before during and after your web site creation. (limited to land line telephones)