DTX Design, offer unique software packages that enable us to embed special tags into your web pages. This, once the site has been built by our web designers, offers the client the chance to edit the site content "LIVE" online.

There is no special knowledge needed, just log onto your page and enter a user name and password, and all the editable text is displayed just like in a word processor.

The client can edit the content without fear of upsetting the "Look" and functionality of the web site in anyway or needing to contact our web designers to update their web site.

This feature is extremely handy for those clients needing constant updates to material displayed on their web sites. It also negates any costs involved in paying us to edit your site for you.

Example Usage
  • Update Bar prices
  • Event dates and details
  • Latest breakeing news
  • Last minute bargains
  • Replacement images
  • Change Contact Details

Pricing for DTX Self Edit Pro is just £50.00 yearly, making it a mere £1.00 per week to have the ability to update your web site 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year.

If you have a web site already and is hosted elsewhere, you may still use our Self Edit Pro system to update your web site, All you need do is set up Self Edit Pro account with us, and ask your web designer to embed the special codes into your web pages.

If you would like a demo of the software in operation, please feel free to contact us at DTX Support and we will arrange an online demo for you.

For limited self editing requirements we also have a text only based editing system which is included free of charge in our basic web packages. Sometimes only basic editing of web content is required. In which case this option would probably be the most suitable.