You may purchase domain names through DTX HOST you may either choose a hosting package with us or merely purchase the domain for later use, in which case the domain will be deemed 'Parked'. A domain name is a customised Internet address that people can use to contact you or view your information on the Internet. A domain name can be used for your web site and your email address(es).

As an example, DTX Design has a domain name "". You are currently using this domain name to view our web site at or contact us by our email addresse's such as for instance.

Some things to be aware of when registering domain names, your admin email address used when registering your domain is all important, as anytime you need to make changes to the domain or move it from one host to another, permission will be sought via this email address (make sure you keep the info up to date with a valid in use email address)
Below are some of the most popular domain names
Domain types Link to check availability - .com - .biz - .org - .net

See if your domain name is available
There are many other domain types available if your domain has already been taken using one of the above you may be lucky and find other domain types have the exact name you require.

DTX Tip: Try and avoid the hyphen '-' in any domain name, generally people tend to forget to add this when addressing emails or typing in your web address, and worse still you have to explain that it looks like a minus sign all of which can lead to confustion. Better to have the exact name with no gaps in our opinion

Domain name pricing varies from company to company. Please bear this in mind, some companys offer extremely cheap domain names in the first instance, but then add monthly charges for facilitys like changing nameservers, or altering contact details, some do not even offer that option at all. There is also sometimes a hidden charge for transferring your domain away from your current registrar, typically £25.00 for as they say 'admin' charges.

Any domain registered through us is completely Free to move away to another registrant, and no hidden monthly fees are payable other than the official 2 year registration fee. We are not saying which is right and which is wrong, we are saying be aware that cheap doesn't always work out as cheap as you think.

In order to maintain a valid point of contact for domain names, many clients prefer that we act as administrator for them, we are only to pleased to do this and make no charges for this service to our clients.